söndag 1 december 2013

A wonderful day together with the family and the horses... and, by the way, who am I to claime there is no creator of the Universe?

Good evening;

(Till svenska läsare;
Använd google translate i marginalen till höger om du hellre vill läsa på svenska.)

The winter seems to hesitate this year. The snow is quite late and it is not so much of it on the ground so far.

I hope there will be a lot more before Christmas.

On the other hand, when you love horses, it is a good thing to be able to ride on soft "forest-roads" even in November.

I have been working a lot. Still I sometimes feel exhausted after that very fight we, our family, had with the Municipal School Authorities here in Skövde, Sweden, who did everything to hide the facts about how things actually worked at that school, with bullying and harassment, three years ago.

Three years of hell have really taking their toll.

But everything is so wonderful right now, when life goes on without all the hours I was awake at nights and wrote documents to the Authorities. The fight was like an evil never-ending-story.

All lies. High chiefs who didn't hesitate to lie about the situation.

You want to forget about everything and slowly, day by day, memories are fading.

On the other hand I actually don' t wanna forget.

I need some kind of reminder now and then because in my opinion it is disaster to send, liers to the Swedish Parlament (Riksdagen) in september next year.

One of the biggest liers will represent, as a candidate for the Swedish parlament for Moderaterna (M) from Skövde.

No, I am no politician, but I sometimes wonder how all those ppl get there, to our Swedish parlament.

Now I know.

Some of them use "management by fear", manipulation, lies and betrayal and that is also why I now see how the situation  has been able to become as it really has become in our country.

We no longer have idealists as politicians in Sweden, we seem to have more and more careerists whose only interest seems to be to provide themselves with positions, money and power.

It does not seem to be much difference between the various political parties either. Politicians not seldom seem to hold each other on the back and the Swedish Riksdag doesn' t even seems to hesitate to lie to its own citizens, straight in the face.

How did this happen in our country? Or is it just me who have started to think a lot more about it after our experiences?

Has it always been like this but you do not notice until you were hit yourself???

I so much appreciate talk to other ppl around the world.

I also so much appreciate that I can share my belief in God with other ppl since I seldom am able to do it in my own country.

A lot of people in my country no longer seem to think that nothing is sacred.


Not even our children...

My happiest moments in life are those with together with my family.

And who am I to decide that humans are the universe's highest intelligence?

It seems unlikely and falls on its own absurdity.

We'll know once we die, and in the meantime, I enjoy Mother Nature, family and horses.

We had a wonderful forest ride where we galloped so the snow spurted from horses' hooves today.

Just wonderful!

Love y' all, as ppl say in the south parts of the US!

God bless you, everybody around this very globe of ours!


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